Judah Sun / Artist



Judah Sun (meaning the lion of Judah) originally from Canton, Ohio, moved to the Bay Area in the mid 80s. Ten years later he would start writing his own songs and start rapping by the mid 90s.

Although from the Midwest, Judah listened more to East coast rap growing up such as Nas, Tribe Called Quest, KRS-1, LL Cool J, as well as NWA and Tupac.

“Once I moved to Cali, I began hearing different styles of music (East coast, West coast, Conscious rap, Gangsta etc.),” said Judah.” I began defining myself through different types of music. I had always been a writer and a fan of music and books so it was kind of a next progression to express myself vocally on the mic.” 

Often compared to lyricists Black Thought and Nas, Judah sees life through a different lens and translates it through his music. 

“I make music for the love of it. When I express my life through music, put my vocabulary and words and thoughts and ideas to it, it’s different than anyone else has ever done or can do it,” said Judah. 

Writing and music have always been creative outlets for Judah as a way to connect and interact with people. Over time it became more of a calling and a void is felt when he’s not able to perform and record.

Just as his recent influences like Jay-Z, Nas, j cole, hieroglyphics, Judah’s words have weight. By touching people with his music and expressing a viewpoint that someone may have never heard, he wants to open up minds to new ideas and new ways of expression.

I want to be remembered as someone who never stopped making music and enjoying life and having fun and who touched people through their music. 

“I am inspired everyday to continue doing music by the things I see around me and the issues that we face everyday,” said Judah. “The world is full of amazing and wonderful things as well as bad and tragic events.The human condition and what we strive to someday be is what inspires me in life and in music.”




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