Dezz / CEO/ Artist

DEZZ aka Da MaddHatter
Indie Label Owner, Promoter, Tour Booker, Host on the Bay Area’s KPOO 89.5FM, Walking Billboard
DEZZ has been a big influence in the Bay Area for allowing independent artist(s) to shine. He has been very instrumental in opening doors for independent artist(s) world wide with FM radio exposure, monthly showcases & recently state wide tours. He offers radio play on his radio show, Da MaddHouze, which features on The Bay’s KPOO 89.5FM every Thurs from 11pm to 2am. He’s recently been flooding the states with successful Independent tours across multiple cities with unknown acts to help them gain organic followers. In the last 2+ years, he’s traveled to 40 states on more than 98 tours, performing at festivals, auditoriums, showcases, fund raisers and anywhere there was a microphone. Besides running the Radio show, events and tours, he also wears many hats in the industry, hence the nickname Da Maddhatter, also after his love for “Alice In Wonderland” He also manages multiple artist’s careers and he even added a record label to the DMH umbrella (DMHLabel). Recently after a series of events, he went back to his 1st passion, recording, and dropped his 1st EP “Da MaddHatter” where he showcased his many influences in music ranging from Ol’ skool, Rock, hip hop and country. He’s currently working on his follow up EP, “Tears of a MADDMan” which will be in spanglish (English/Spanish) as he is very fluent in both languages and has recently been using it in his music. The much anticipated project already has him in line to perform at 2020 SXSW Music fest, Flag fest in Arizona, Santa Cruz Music festival and co-headlining a tour thru the east coast this coming Oct. His work ethic is beyond words as he handles 100% hands on activity of all parts of The DMH Brand while holding down a job as part of the promotions team at Entercom.

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