Alessandra Rose / Artist

Born Serena Herrera, the stage name Alessandra Rose was created to honor her
grandmother after finding out the “R” in her middle name stood for Rose, which was her
favorite flower.
Hailing from San Jose, Ca, and growing up around diverse cultures and was introduced to
different genres of music in English and Spanish.
Whether singing or dancing, Alessandra Rose has been a performer all her life.
In 4th grade, her parents put her in a school group “Estudiantina”, a musical arrangement of
a band of students, that originated during the 1800s in Spain.
Singing alone for the first time on stage was life changing. After performing a solo she was
told by an instructor that her voice was beautiful, strong and powerful.
“People would judge or make fun of me and once I open my mouth for that first note the
silence in the audience makes me feel proud and like I’ve accomplished something because
they realize they messed up by judging me,” said Alessandra.
After being exposed to various genres of music In high school, Alessandra joined the
Mariachi class, which required her to play an instrument in order to be in the class, so she
picked up the guitar.
Inspiration came from artists such as Selena, Alicia Keys, Amy Whinehouse, Sublime, Papa
Roach, Flyleaf, Frankie J, Tower of Power, Michael Jackson, Los Lobos and different
cumbia groups as well as bachata and reggaeton.
“Selena (I think) will forever be the one artist I admire. She has made the biggest impact on
my life as a Hispanic,” said Alessandra. “She and her family created music without the fear
of what others would think.”
Much like Selena, Alessandra is discovering who she is through songwriting and pushing
herself to hone her talents regardless of what anyone has to say and listening to her inner
voice. She has often been compared to Selena and Amy Winehouse. Like both artists,
Alessandra has become expressive with emotional lyrics, captivated audiences and
Currently working with Bay Area label owner/ producer/creative director, DEZZ the
Maddhouze, Alessandra is shaping her skills as a songwriter, performer, learning the
business side of music, and recently completed writing her first song. She is finally stepping
into her own.
“I make music because it makes me happy and it’s always been a stress reliever for me,”
said Alessandra. “ I also do it for my family, especially ones who are no longer here. All my
loved ones have wanted me to get to where I am today with my singing and seeing me
accomplish that goal isn’t just rewarding for me but also to them.”


“Girls Night” – Alessandra Rose

DEZZ – It’s You (Eres Tu) ft. Alessandra Rose x Jemezzy Ba’be

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